Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year… That’s right ‘tis the season of endless shopping lists, holiday chaos and fantastic food.

Whether you’re shopping for him, her, your parents, grandparents, or the whole crazy family… Lucky for you, we've got the perfect gifts to satisfy the ones you really know this Christmas…no matter how naughty or nice they've been.

For Dad… Because they all need a survival kit!

We suggest: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Collection

Forget the ties, and please no more socks! But a box of chocolate? Now, that's a gift he'll really enjoy! After surviving the challenge of keeping hold of the TV remote, he’ll need something sweet this Christmas. This survival kit contains all the essentials – chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Ready for his favourite film… to sleep through!

Great for: Saying thank you for the greatest Christmas dinner year after year (even when mum enlists us all for peeling vegetables, stirring the sauces and laying the table).

For Mums and Mams everywhere… Because she deserves a luxury THANK YOU, not a pair of fuzzy slippers this year!

We suggest this delightful box: The Exquisite Edition

Don’t be stuck for ideas. Make her feel like the superhero she truly is! The Exquisite Edition is more than a box of chocs; it's Ooh, it’s aah, it’s a luxury time out while you wash the dishes.

Great for: Showing mums and mams just how special and deserving they truly are! Remember, Christmas is about sharing so maybe you’ll get to try them too…

For Him… Because as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

We suggest: The Christmas Desserts Collection

This box will have you hop, skip, and jumping all the way to his heart. Packed full of delicious chocolate recipes based on all his favourite desserts throughout the years (because nobody can choose just one favourite, can they?!).

Great for: Husbands, brothers, boyfriends and well, anyone who you really want to treat! Okay… you might like them too! He’s probably less likely to share than mam is, so maybe buy two?

For Her… Making her heart melt, one chocolate at a time!

We suggest: Petit Indulgence Collection

Flowers are lovely, and jewellery is shiny, but if you want to watch her face light up with an instant smile, it’s no secret – chocolate of course is the answer. But not just any chocolate; we're talking about something truly indulging! So why not gift her something she deserves?

Great for: More than just a casual afterthought. She is a superstar after all!

For the Grandparents… Because they taught you how to savour the sweet moments!

We suggest: Chocolate Personalised Photo Box

To the ones who taught us how to savour life's sweet moments, get away with things our parents wouldn’t, and stay up later than allowed! Here's a gift that captures all of their favourite memories. The Chocolate Personalised Photo Box is more than just a box; it's a treasure chest of shared stories and smiles.

Great for: Saying thank you for all the fun they inject into life.

For the Whole Family - Sharing is Caring (Sometimes)

We suggest: Chocolate Indulgence Hamper

Well, where do we start? 'Sharing is caring' just means more chocolates for everyone. And while we don’t give to receive, when you have this much chocolate, they’re bound to share!

This Christmas, drop the gift-shopping stress and embrace the sweeter side of life with Lily O'Brien's chocolates. No matter who's on your list, there's a delightful box of cocoa joy waiting to make their day a little more delicious. So, go ahead and spread the love – and chocolate – this year! Because Christmas is all about gifting to the ones you really know.

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Disclaimer: If all the chocolate mysteriously disappears before reaching its intended recipient, blame it on Santa! Or plan ahead, buy extra!